“EES and Confluence Architecture have been great contractors to work with. Both contractors have bent over backwards to help the City of Glenwood Springs finalize this project. I would highly recommend both of these contractors to anyone who needed this type of weatherization work completed.”

Ricky Smith
City of Glenwood Springs, Colorado

"As an attorney in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, I work with many contractors and homeowners on construction projects. Throughout my experience with EES, they demonstrated the integrity, hard-work, and attention to detail and organization that makes a construction project go smoothly.  I highly recommend EES and would not hesitate to hire them again."

Jamie J. Roth
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

"I would like to take a moment and thank you and your crew for all the hard work you did on our buildings. I knew it would make a difference, but I never realized how big a difference it really would make.  I noticed right away how well the buildings would hold the heat in. Through the winter I also noticed how much less the boilers where running to sustain a certain temperature. Now that we are coming into spring and summer I am confident that when we do have to turn on the coolers, that we just won’t be losing money like we did in the past. I know it was hard for people to understand the importance of what you do at first, but now seeing the effects of it made me a true believer. In a time where budgets are getting tighter, and everything is getting more expensive, I believe that the money we spent on your company was well worth it."
Thanks again, Lennie Gillam,
Moffat County, Facilities Director

“We have been trying for some years to improve the energy efficiency of our home in Old Snowmass, Colorado and, in particular, to reduce the consumption of propane during the heating season. The computerized audit that EES conducted, based on analysis of forced air infiltration patterns combined with thermal imaging, revealed a number of sub-par construction features.   We saved approximately 600 gallons of propane for the first half of the heating season alone as a result of the remediation work done by EES. We doubt that we would ever have learned of the problems we had without the thorough energy audit EES performed.”
(John and Ellen reduced their gas consumption by 59%/year average, with the help of EES)

John and Ellen Janka
Old Snowmass, Colorado

This is amazing Richard , thanks for sharing. I have also been extremely impressed with your work, communications and professionalism...

John Ryan-Lockman
Energy Programs Manager
Walking Mountains Science Center
Energy Smart Colorado

Hi Rich,
We have definitley noticed a difference in the house staying warm and the heat staying upstairs in the hall and moving to the bedrooms.  It is really nice!  Our daughter actually told my husband this weekend she was hot, which we have never heard before unless she was standing right in front of the wood stove. The bathrooms are much warmer too!!! We usually are shiveri,ng so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
You do exceptional work, take the time, and make sure it is done right! Thanks for all your hard work and expertise!!!

Eagle/Vail, Colorado

Saving the planet ... One building at a time!